IWM: BRIAN PHILLIPS, WORLDSALON – Borden Communications – Feb 19, 2019

February 16, 2019

We spoke with Brian Phillips, the ultra-talented celebrity stylist, CEO and Owner of worldSALON and WORLD Hair and Skin, and co-founder of NogginOil. We found out what’s changed and what’s remained the same 30 years into business, what gets the most likes on social media, and some wise advice for new healthy entrepreneurs.

We last interviewed you in 2012! Can you share with us something that has changed since then, and something that has stayed the same?

Well, shortly after the last interview, I had a dream that I was an old man with long white dreads. Six years later, I have dreads that are getting whiter by the minute. Some people love it, some hate it. They are the ultimate bullshit detector.

The Same:
Still running, I ran the New York Marathon in 2015 – I don’t recommend it. Still focused on promoting health and well being often through WORLD Hair and Skin. It amazes me how many people still have no idea of the toxins around them and how important it is to spend wisely to reduce their exposure. Self discipline, I am even more convinced is the route to happiness – of course with the odd bender.

What are you working on right now?

I’m trying to wrap my head around building a library of videos for worldSALONWORLD Hair and Skin and our new product line NogginOil – which is designed for sectioned hairstyles (dreads, braids and extensions). We want to make this a pillar of our businesses for 2019. Videos are tough for me. Once I find a format that feels comfortable, I think just doing lots of them will be the ticket.

World Salon turns 30 this year! Do you feel like you still need to engage in marketing in advertising, or can your business thrive just on the reputation you’ve built over the years?

We most definitely always need to budget for marketing. Even after thirty years in business, clients want to see that you are doing interesting things and developing your craft. This is why we really encourage education and outside activities like fashion shows, photo shoots and developing relationships with influencers. We have a monthly worldSALON Newsletter through which we can communicate what we are up to and clients love it!

Do you think more people are looking for healthier salons now than when you began?

Yes. We get ten to twelve calls per week from people looking for a healthy space to get their hair done because they have skin sensitivities and other health issues. We still use LaBiosthetique haircolour (no ppd and low ammonia), are members of Green Circle Salons (who recycle most of our waste), use and sell the healthy WORLD Hair and Skin line and this past November, we joined forces with Saponetti Inc, for non-toxic cleaning supplies for the salon. They are also inspiring us to come up with ways to reduce our plastic footprint, which I am so excited about.

Do you believe there is such thing as work life balance? What does it look like to you?

This is where the self discipline comes in. I exercise a ton and my partner and I don’t have a car, so we use bikes to get around the city. Being this active is not an option for me- it is essential. We eat well, most of the time. If your body is strong and healthy your mind will follow suit and you will handle stress. I also need lots of sleep, sometimes we are in bed at 8pm – I love it!

You’re celebrating a milestone birthday this year, happy early birthday wishes! Have the things that are most important to you changed over the years?

Thanks! Sixty years old seems insane! Most of the core things haven’t changed. Spending more time with my parents and family in general is more of a focus.

How often should one get a haircut?

I have some clients in the public eye that come every three weeks and others that wait until the spider webs on their heads start blowing off. I think every five to six weeks is optimal. Once those split ends happen, they travel up the hair shaft and in no time you have half the hair you should.

We love staying connected with you through social media. How do you decide how much you share about yourself online and what to keep offline?

Thanks for following along! I just try and post what interests me and what I find beautiful. Politically, I have to be careful; you have no idea how many posts I write in moments of fury – then delete. I love the Borden adage – “If you aren’t outraged, then you’re just not paying attention”. I have noticed naked photos get a lot of likes, so perhaps more naked posts for 2019! Ha!

What would you like to share with new entrepreneurs hoping to build their own healthy business and make the world a better place like you have?

Set a good example of health in yourself and this includes working with people that are focused on similar goals. Treat your body like the incredible gift that it is and learn to trust your guts. If you make balance a priority in your life, you will have a much better chance of success.

For more information visit worldsalon.ca, and follow @worldSALON and @brianatworld on Instagram!