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Ivan Otis

Ivan Otis is photographer par excellence, friend and co-conspirator for coming up on thirty years, is a mad talent.  His vision is a beauty steeped in transmuted genetics; our species crashing into others after the apocalypse.  This dystopian future is raw, dark and serene.  Subjects are fully sexual beings, self aware and proud to seek pleasure.  Humour is also paramount in the work, as major league artists like Mathew Good are dressed up in giant bunny suits to hang around divey motels.  In the compilation worldSALON25, an homage to the work Ivan and I have done together for the Toronto salon, I say - “The mutual respect, understanding and inappropriateness that has blossomed in this time allows magic to happen when we are working together.”  A photographer must build relationships, with client and subject.  Ivan is a master at chipping/clicking away to expose the truth of a person, their raw beauty.   One image sums up the man’s genius is  - “The Last Supper”



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