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Elliot Strashin


Elliot Strashin began his career as a General Practitioner in 1980 after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto.  He bought his first commercial property in 1983 then assumed the leadership role at his family real estate business. Since 1993 he has grown S. Strashin and Sons Limited from 50,000 to over 500,000 sq. ft.,  of leasable space  “The greenest building is the one that already exists” has been Elliot’s mantra.  “You can never recapture the carbon deficit you incur in tearing down an old building and erecting a new one in its place”.   For the last 23 years, S. Strashin and Sons Limited, has been dedicated to renovating and repurposing old factory buildings, turning them into loft, workspaces. The latest project is the old Cooper Canada Sporting Goods Factory at 501 Alliance Avenue.   At 380,000 square feet, the building is presently being restored, targeting LEED Platinum Accreditation.  Says Elliot “The building has a 298 KW Solar farm on the roof, LED lighting, stormwater collection, passive heating and cooling of make-up air, geothermal heating and air-conditioning.   We hope to populate the building with CleanTech and IT companies”.  Elliot has serious green cred, but over and above, he exclaims “ we also recycle at home and only use WORLDHairSkin Products, the green choice, for our hair and skin”. 

Elliot Strashin is one of our #GreenHeroes




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