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Why Shop Local?

Why Shop Local 

When you decide to shop locally throughout a community, you are inevitably causing a ripple of effects that you may not even realize. Each time you purchase something from a local store, you are helping to stimulate your economy, foster employment and allow your communities to maintain that charm that makes them unique. Although it may not always be possible to find what you need locally, it’s important to at least think locally before turning towards those commercial big box stores in Toronto. Here are a few reasons why you should always think locally first in #yourWORLD.

Reduce Environmental Impacts

Locally run stores generally have a smaller eco-footprint. Since smaller businesses tend to have more locally produced goods, this means that they don’t require the use of extra land, or the need to transport goods from distant locations. Overall, this equates to less traffic and less pollution. Additionally, local, walkable stores encourage smart growth communities, meaning they encourage pedestrians to stroll around the neighbourhood rather than depend on cars or transportation every time they need to pop into the grocery store.

Support for the Community

Each dollar you spend at an independent business eventually filters its way back into supporting your local community. A much larger share of revenue is recycled back into stimulating our local economies and in turn, benefiting you. These also foster support for local causes, and build healthy networks and relationships among neighbours – a win-win for all.

Maintains Unique Character within Communities

In order to avoid those big chain franchise stores from consuming our economy and communities by devouring any local character or charm, it’s important to show our support for the local shops that already exist. It’s important to avoid utilizing big chain stores so that they do not have the opportunity to develop and expand within our communities while consuming those local shops that make our neighbourhoods unique.

Create More Jobs

Naturally, by purchasing goods from local business, we inevitably help to stimulate and support local jobs. By buying local groceries we help to support local farmers – which also ensures our produce is fresher. And by visiting our local cafes for a cup of coffee instead of those commercial chains, we encourage more local businesses to develop. This means we can support our neighbours and encourage entrepreneurship within our communities.

Shopping locally isn’t always the most convenient method. But if you look at the ripple effects that it can have throughout your local communities and environment, you will see the undeniable difference it can make. From supporting local farms, to reducing commercial development, to fostering jobs and maintaining the history and character throughout our neighbourhoods – when it comes down to it, shopping locally benefits us all.

At WORLD Hair and Skin, we are excited to partner with retailers, salons, and licensed individual stylists who believe in these same values.

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