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Jan and Barb Burbidge

Jan and Barb Burbidge have been faithful clients of worldSALON since 1992.  Jan previously worked in advertising and Barb in banking and the twins are now retired - living in Florida over the winters.  They are such fun to be with and over the years Maria Petrou, senior colour tech at worldSALON, and I have executed some pretty cool looks on the ladies.  Avid foodies, most of our discussions involve culinary delights like new recipes or fab new restos.  On a recent trip to Glen Williams, Ontario the ladies visited “The Hungry Hollow” to sample their renowned “Beef and Pulled Pork Burger with Bacon and Cheese.”  Brunch at Origin in Toronto for the duck confitfrench toast also never disappoints.   According to Jan and Barb, “we generally eat healthily, but know how to break the rules!”  Having clients like the Burbidges make our world so much brighter!



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