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It is only February, but 2015 is already proving to be an incredible year.  We have broken all sorts of coldest temperature records, but the light is shining bright for worldSALON, which on October 6th, 2014, began it's 25th year in business!  When I tell people this it seems impossible, especially since my mental age is 29.  Running a business for 25 years is a magical concoction of naivety, true passion, hard work, and dumb luck and lots of learning through pain.  It is not for the faint at heart, but the rewards are immeasurable.  So many details of when we first opened are as clear in my mind as the day they happened - and one of the best parts are all the people I have had the opportunity to teach and learn from - so full of gratitude for this!

In November, 2014, worldSALON won the "Now Magazine Readers Poll" for "Best Salon or Barbershop" in Toronto - which puts us into a small group of superlative businesses in the city, and completely blew our socks off.  It truly was a team effort, and interestingly, our clients are just as proud and take ownership of the award because so many of them voted.  What a great way to help build a dedicated clientele and boost staff morale!  If you have a salon, make it a priority for this year and enter the Best of Toronto Poll.  Watch Now Magazine for details in July - give us some competition!

On February 18th, I received Environmental Defence's "Green Champion" Award at their 30th Anniversary Gala, held this year at the new Regent Park Spectrum Theatre.  It was absolutely surreal and truly one of the proudest moments of my life.  Our premier, Kathleen Wynne, was in attendance (I got to meet her)  and four Ontario Ministers, including Minister of the Environment and Climate Change - Glen Murray (who I also met).  During the delicious locally sourced meal, with my family around for support, stomach churning periodically, I became aware of the three hundred or so people in the audience.  Such a smart, passionate and principled group, working hard to make Canada a healthier place - it made the experience even more humbling. My speech was well rehearsed, I focussed on my intention, to clearly convey what a privilege it is to play a small part in the important work that Environmental Defence does.  As a cabinet member of the Just Beautiful Campaign for the last five years, which educates Canadians about toxics in personal care, I will continue to get the word out about healthier alternatives and look forward to any suggestions you may have.

Now for the spring and beyond!  Job one is the relaunch of WORLD - - our product line!  Initially launched in 2001 and perfected in the salon until now, we are finally ready to release it to the "world" and build our distribution network!  The rebranding is almost complete, with a new logo, and new pristine white packaging.  Our most recent re-formulations have resulted in the best performance yet of the line and the products are now gluten, palm oil free and biodegradable.  worldSALON will also have a new domain which will showcase our awards, green initiatives and amazingly talented team.  Look for the WORLD launch sometime in April / May - when the tulips are peaking!

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