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Green is the New Black

A green smoothie

Lately, you can’t throw a rock in Toronto without hitting a juice bar, a yoga studio, or a health food store. The same goes in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and other major cities around the world. More and more, we are becoming conscious about what we put in and on our bodies. It’s all part of a growing movement centered on health, wellbeing, awareness, transparency, sustainability, eco-consciousness, and environmental defense and compassion. When you “go green,” you prioritize wellness of mind, body, and planet. 

At WORLD Hair and Skin, we believe beauty, sexiness, and health are completely congruous with green living. Even more, we believe green products, actions, and outlooks enhance these desirable traits. Our high-quality line of natural products for hair and skin are gentle, effective, green, and affordable. We’ve been embracing and embodying the #yourWORLD green vision since 2001, and we’re happy to see regular people, families, salons, and celebrities join the movement with open hearts and enthusiasm.

With that in mind, here are our favourite celebrities and influencers who fully represent the notion that “green is the new black” and can serve as inspiration for those who want to make a big change in their lives:

Stella McCartney

For decades, Stella’s parents Paul and Linda McCartney served as perhaps the most famous vegetarians and animal rights advocates out there. Stella has followed her parents’ path wholeheartedly. All Stella McCartney stores, offices, and studios in the UK are powered by wind energy. She uses organic cotton in her clothing, the flooring in her stores comes from sustainably managed forests, and for ethical and environmental reasons the designer does not use leather, skins, or fur in any of her products. On top of it all, Stella is a peerless icon of style and grace.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When he’s not starring as an Oscar-nominated actor in Hollywood movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio makes a name for himself as the celebrity face of the eco movement. His foundation, established in 1998, fights to protect biodiversity, conserve oceanic habitats, conserve wildlands, and slow climate change. He is frequently seen biking around New York City, and lives in an eco-friendly condo with solar panels, an in-house water treatment facility, and a fresh-filtered air system.

Ellen Page

This young Canadian actress has distinguished herself as a smart and well-spoken advocate for environmental issues, ecovillages, permaculture, and sustainability. She is a vegan and uses healthy, natural hair and skin products. As Page told Mother Jones in 2010: “I find a lot of people say, ‘Oh, organic and local’s expensive and I just don’t have time.” And I’m like, well how much TV do you watch? Where are your priorities right now? I always take the time to eat well and eat locally because it’s common sense. It just makes sense to my brain, and why wouldn’t I do it?”

Green is no barrier to sexiness. In fact, these days it’s the door to a WORLD of bold, vibrant, and confident living. Are you ready to walk right in?


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