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Clear your mind - Energize your body 



  • Peppermint-based blend combined with other energizing plant oils like White Pine and Silver Fir. 



  • Deep cleansing:  Helps to remove pollution and other build-up from hair and skin.

  • Soothing:   Essential oil scents promote and enhance feelings of well being.



  • Time of day:  Great for morning to awaken your senses.

  • Season:  Best in summer to help promote deep cleaning of scalp and skin.



  • 100% organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oil blend of Peppermint, White Pine, Rosemary, Balsam Firm Elemi, Silver Fir and Clove



  • Other WORLD:  Must be diluted before applying to skin or hair. Use in conjunction with CLEAN, PROTECT or BUZZ or REPAIR.
    For single use, one drop of oil can be added to a small amount of other product. To scent entire bottle or jar, add a few drops of any BLEND and mix well.

  • Aromatherapy burner:  Add eight drops to water in aromatherapy diffusers to enhance home/office environments.