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I am asked constantly what the ideal frequency is for cleansing and moisturizing hair to promote health and vitality and I have to say that my number one response is “What products are you using”???  Even many of the “no poo” or no shampoo products on the market contain many hazardous chemicals that create sensitivities over time.


Our bodies produce oils that are designed to protect the skin and hair.  Sebum is made up of lipids, esters and waxes which create emollience to keep hair and skin supple, but also form a barrier to protect us from fungus and bacteria.  With most mass-produced cleansers and moisturizers, the cheap detergents are removing too much of this protective layer and the emollients added are synthetic, toxic ingredients like silicones which are light and smoothing, but over the long term, can build up and create flaking. There are also persistent chemicals that are hazardous to aquatic life.


I know this sounds confusing, but the best way to achieve gorgeous results is to first find your individual balance.  We have heard from many WORLD Hair and Skin lovers that it took them an average two weeks of using WHS CLEAN to remove buildup from other cheap cleansers and finally experience what a clean scalp and head of hair feels like.  Many end up washing their hair way less with an average being every three to four days.


Some of us have over productive sebaceous glands which are often created from too much washing.  Some of us have dry scalps and hair which in many cases is the result of too much washing.  I would say, that once you get to experience your natural balanced level of sebum production, with the aid of gentle, non-toxic products, you will enjoy letting your body take over and produce the right amount of natural protection that works for you.

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