Fix Your Skin – December 2017

Hydration is Extremely Important for Skin Wellness

Another important factor that people forget to do is to get rid of makeup at night before they sleep. Again, a lot of people do claim to do this before they get to bed, but are you doing it properly? Dedicate some time to remove all the makeup from your face.

​Useful Posts For All Skin Types

Organic Skincare is a Safe And Fantastic Way to Get Healthy Skin

Sticking to natural skincare products is the key to lasting skin health. To this end, there are a lot of products that are available online which are organic as well as guarantee minimal side effects if used as prescribed based on your skin type and general condition.

Well, now let’s move on to the experts who can give you a much more detailed answer to your skin problems. These experts are from varying backgrounds, healthcare professionals, skin care experts and makeup artists. We hope that you share this with your family, friends and loved ones so that they too can get great looking skin!

Since this post is quite comprehensive, we’ve created links that you can use to navigate this sea of knowledge a tad easier! Just click on the names of the experts below to go right to their top 3 tips. Or, if you are looking to get all that you can gather, carry on scrolling!

Before we conclude, we’d like to give out a huge, heartfelt Thank You to all the experts who spent time talking to us and getting their thoughts out on this post. You folks are the best!

Loni Venti

Editorial Director Beauty Writer/Expert. Loni Venti is an author on Teen Vogue.

1. Always take your makeup off before bed! If you’re too lazy to get over to the sink (no judgment—I’ve been there) keep cleansing wipes in your nightstand so you have no excuse.

2. Don’t be scared of oils! Cleansing oils and treatment oils can make you glow—even if you have oily skin.

3. I LOVE microcurrent facials and head over to SB Skin in Union Sq, NYC whenever I can. Its like a mini face lift that also depuffs and leaves your skin so luminous.

Brandon Murphy

Brandon Murphy is an autodidact. He is a self taught designer, a creative, a thinker, and an aesthete. It is with earthy boldness, that he applies the beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives to designing.

Drink plenty of water with Lemon, Lime and Mint leaf daily to keep your skin hydrated. Moisturize with Noni Oil and Coconut Oil before bed and when you wake up in the morning. D.I.Y try, Raw honey with baking soda as a exfoliating face mask then rinse with cold water.

Laurentine ten Bosch

Filmmaker of Food Matters and Hungry For Change and founder of FMTV. Laurentine’s passion for health and radiant vitality has been a crucial ingredient in the transformation of Food Matters from powerful health documentary in 2007 to now, a global wellness hub offering natural solutions to modern health problems.

1. If you choose to wear make-up, go organic and always remove it before you go to bed!

2. Add some essential oils to your beauty routine! Look for them in natural skincare products, or simply add a little to water or a carrier oil for a revitalizing skin spritz or oil blend

3. Enjoy a daily glass of organic green juice to really help bring back your inner glow!

Marissa DiPietro

Marissa is a fast-typing, burpee-loving, kickboxing addict specializing in the art of movin’ and shakin’. A Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor, she is a writer specializing in health and fitness.

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Cleanse your face as soon as possible after workouts

3. Use a gentle soap with moisturizing oils

Carol Ellis

I am a Wellness and Wealth Consultant! I have a love for gardening, flowers and organic vegatables. My logo is revitalizeurlife. I am grateful to be partnered with an incredible company that provides solutions that transform lives. I help people to live in a healthy body, enjoy freedom and create an extraordinary life!

Hydrate. Illuminate. Rejuvenate

1. Hydrate with Renewal Hydrase Complex™. This complex offers peptides and fruit nutrients for 24/7 cellular hydration.

2. Illuminate with IsaGen Illuminating Complex™, to even fine lines and lighten dark areas.

3. Rejuvenate with Renewal C2C Complex™ to help support collagen and elastin production and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Rose-Marie Swift

Make-up Artist and Founder of RMS Beauty

Always remove your makeup before going to bed at night. AlWAYS. Best product is the RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes with organic coconut oil. Stubborn waterproof mascara to heavy foundation off in 2 seconds without the nasty chemicalsSmartest move for beautifying the skin is to always take a probiotic first thing in the morning. “”The skin is a mirror to the gut”” so unbalanced bacteria in the gut from a bad diet wrecks havoc on the skinWhen asked this question people will usually answer with a product remedy. Good skin comes from within so nourishing your body with clean drinking water, organic green juices, organic vegetables and exercise can do more to beautify your skin then “”hope in a jar””.

Acure Organics

ACURE is a family owned and operated company founded on sustainable principles to provide the highest quality natural and certified organic personal care.Our brand is 100% natural, 70% organic, gluten free, soy free and non-GMO. We are family owned and began as a way to offer personal care products that are free of toxic chemicals.

1. Use products that are free of sulfates, which are harsh lathering agents that can irritate the skin and adjust the skin’s optimal pH.

2. Use products that utilize food and plant actives to feed the skin the nutrients that it needs to perform optimally vs. toxic chemicals that can harm the skin.

3. Use a regimen that works together: cleanser, toner, moisturizer and oil.

Robin Brown

Erbaviva has been offering premium organic personal care products for over 20 years, with its roots in California. We practice sustainability and holistic farming to create healthy products that better the lives of people while working harmoniously with nature.

1. Keep hydrated! Drink plenty of water every day to help flush out toxins and keep skin glowing.

2. Moisturize. Moisturize your body from head to toe to prevent and treat dry skin. Moisturizing helps create a barrier and improves the way your skin looks and feels. And of course try choosing a natural moisturizer free of parabens!

3. Balance your diet with a selection of healthy foods and greens. Let yourself shine from the inside out. Healthier foods consumed will lead to better looking skin.

Azalea Salim

Lea (short for Azalea) is based in Singapore. She enjoys about anything under the sun ranging from Travelling, Health, Lifestyle, Beauty and Culture. She takes pride in her body and overall skin health.

Keeping yourself hydrated, More Vitamin C and Moisturize

Sharon Palmer

Sharon is an award-winning plant-based food and nutrition expert, editor of Environmental Nutrition, nutrition editor of Today’s Dietitian, blogger, speaker, and judge for the prestigious James Beard Journalism Awards. She is based in Los Angeles.

1. Eat lots of brightly colored produce! Studies show that a diet high in antioxidant compounds found in these foods are linked with improved skin, a better appearance and less damage from UV radiation.

2. Enjoy more organic soy products. Research shows that soy has been linked with less wrinkling! Try foods like tofu, edamame, and soy milk.

3. Increase your intake of vitamin C, found in many fresh fruits and vegetables, such as citrus, berries, peppers. This has been shown to protect the skin from age-related damage.​

Donna Begg

Donna Begg, MD, Dr.PH, Admin for Consumer Health Digest. She has been working with highly qualified health and beauty experts across the globe. Donna is an editor, mentor, analyst, and a researcher.

1. Cleansing and Toning – Cleansing is the key for every skincare regimen that your skin gets prepared to be moisturized or treated.

2. Selecting a Moisturizer – It is an important step in any skincare resolution. Creams that contains a mixture of oil and water in combination with other active plant ingredients can give better results.

3. Exfoliation – Regular exfoliation is crucial in helping cells turnover and improve the radiance of your skin.

Carmel Phillips

Carmel is the editor-in-chief of Our Fifth House, a special little place online where style, design and real life collide. A design enthusiast with a passion for color and pattern, she’s all about more design fun, less rules.

Drink lots of water. Use coconut oil to remove make-up, moisturize and nourish skin. Mixing a little Frankincense essential oil into your night-time moisturizer works wonders for mature skin.

Nicki Zevola Benvenuti

Nicki Zevola Benvenuti is the founder and CEO of, one of the world’s leading blogs on skincare, with over 500,000 views per month.

1. Ignore fearmongering. Look at scientific studies when ingredients are used in reasonable concentrations, on humans, and for a reasonable length of time. I laugh at studies that show that ingredients work when they are used in 10000x the typical dose, on rats, and twice daily for months at a time that conclude these ingredients are “”toxic””! Keep in mind that even benign ingredients, like vitamin C, are toxic in those concentrations.

2. Remember that the skin is NOT the digestive tract! Food is NOT skin care, despite what you may hear otherwise. The digestive tract is designed to break down proteins and extract out nutrients. The skin did not evolve in the same way. It’s important to use concentrates on your skin. I would rather use concentrated vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid or tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate on my skin any day rather than put an orange on it! (And keep in mind orange also makes your skin photosensitive).

3. Beware allergies. Some natural ingredients can cause people with sensitive skin to develop allergies if they are used regularly over time. I always patch test first, back on the skin near my ear, to test how well I react to natural ingredients. For instance, I developed hives after using a chamomile cream, and it turns out it’s because I had an undiagnosed ragweed allergy. You need to be aware that *some* natural ingredients come with this risk.

Roeland Pater

Roeland works for SkinVision, the leading app for skin cancer detection and self-checking of skin issues over time. Part of his work is creating awareness on this topic, as skin cancer incidence has been on the rise of decades all over the world.

1. One of the most damaging substances for your skin is sugar. Sugar is known to cause inflammation in the body, which can dehydrate skin and cause premature aging.

2. Equally important to what you eat is what you drink. Hydrate with plenty of water to keep your body and digestion running smoothly.

3. Check the ingredients lists of any skin care product, where soaps, surfactants, and lubricants show up. Try to avoid ingredients that start with “”PEG”” or have an “”-eth”” in the middle (e.g., sodium laureth sulfate)

Karina Birch

We use only 100% natural, fresh, and simple ingredients, and are setting a new standard for high quality and effective personal and beauty care products.Handmade in small batches in the Canadian Rockies, we spend our days sourcing the best ingredients from Mother Nature to create new recipes that are safe for you and our Earth.

In a recent blog, we highlighted the benefits of dry brushing. The simple routine promotes lymphatic drainage which helps your body release toxins. Follow up any exfoliating routine with a nourishing natural lotion that’ll help moisturize and soften any dry, itchy patches.What can you use to slow the signs of aging naturally? Rosehip Seed Oil is abundant in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C, B-carotene, and is an excellent source of trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin A. Used in natural products such as our Transformative Cleansing Oil it is a natural moisturizer and promotes tissue regeneration to help heal scars and wrinkles.Keep those lips quenched with a such as our Hydrating Lip Quench made with simple and fresh ingredients like organic avocado, coconut oil, and beeswax & tinted with all natural mica and iron oxides; they are a safe and natural option to colour your lips and come in a completely biodegradable paper pot.

Dr. Jill Tieman

Dr. Jill Tieman is a Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor. Her blog,, was born out of a desire to share critical information about problems in the food supply and their effects on the health of the American people. Dr. Tieman has been featured on her local television show, Long Island Naturally, many times and has been interviewed at various online summits. She is the author of several grain free, Paleo cookbooks and an online grain free cooking class.

1. Consume at least one cup of homemade bone broth, or soup made from homemade bone broth each day.

2. Eat organic food when you can and always eat real food – not processed food.

3. Avoid commercial vegetable oils and salad dressings made with commercial vegetable oils – rather use estate grown olive oil or avocado oil and make your own salad dressings.

Chere Di Boscio

Born in Canada, raised in Argentina, I’ve since lived in Cape Town, Paris, and London. After editing glossy magazines for years, including Velvet, Prestige and Stiletto, I got fed up with the excess many in the industry equated with ‘luxury’. For me, ‘luxury’ always meant high quality, enduring and indulgent, and I sought work with a publication that shared my views. Finding none, I started my own, and Eluxe was born.

Always take makeup off before bed! Never use a chemical sunscreen or worse, one with nanoparticles. Reduce your skin’s product load by using 1 great BB cream instead of primer, moisturizer and foundation.


Giorgia Guazzarotti is the editor of Beautiful With Brains, a beauty blog that focuses on the science of skincare. She loves dissecting skincare labels, debunking beauty myths and helping women pick the right products to achieve the skin of their dreams.

1. Facial oils are a great way to moisturize your skin and they double up as cleansers, too. My favourite is rosehip oil, an anti-aging powerhouse that tackles dryness, wrinkles and dark spots. Rosehip oil is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are very moisturizing for the skin and help strengthen its natural protective barrier. On top of it, rosehip oil contains vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, boosts the production of skin-firming collagen and fades dark spots. Whatever woe your skin is dealing with, rosehip oil can fix it.

2. Use mineral sunscreen. UV rays are responsible for 90% of premature aging, so sun protection is a must. But natural oils and extracts won’t do. Coconut oil is often touted as an effective alternative to sunscreen but has an SPF of only 7! Instead, opt for a zinc oxide based sunscreen. This white mineral provides broad-spectrum protection without irritating the skin. My favourite sunscreen is Sunumbra Sunkids SPF40, which can be used by adults, too. It’s made with only zinc oxide and a bunch of natural extracts with antioxidant properties to boost its effectiveness.

3. Get your organic skincare products from speciality stores only. These days, you can easily find organic products in big department stores and chains, which is super convenient. But that could spell bad news for your skin. Organic products are more delicate as they often lack preservatives to extend their shelf life. That means they degrade pretty quickly when they’re stored in front of direct sunlight or left on the shelves for months. A speciality store knows how to deal with these problems. Their stocks are usually fresher and stored in a way that doesn’t compromise the products. You don’t want to go home with a new tube of moisturizer only to discover it has already gone bad!

Julieanna Hever

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, is a Registered Dietitian, author of Kaiser Permanente’s article, A Physician’s Guide to Plant-Based Diets, The Vegiterranean Diet, and the best-selling book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition, and the nutrition columnist for VegNews Magazine. She is the host of the wellness talk show series What Would Julieanna Do? on Z Living Network, author of She is the co-author of the cookbook, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking, and a recipe contributor to both New York Time Best-Selling Forks Over Knives books. Julieanna counsels a variety of clients throughout the world from her Los Angeles, California-based private practice including elite athletes, adults, and children with various nutritional and/or medical concerns.

1. Consume at least 3 servings of leafy green vegetables every day. Leafy greens are extraordinarily high in vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants – such as glucosinolates and carotenoids – that protect the skin against UV radiation, harsh environmental elements, and the aging effects of oxygen. One serving is either one cup or raw or a half cup cooked. Enjoy any of the innumerable options, including kale, lettuce, beet greens, dandelion greens, chard, broccoli, and cabbage, as salads, slaws, cooked in stir-fries, soups, stews, or in a bowl or as a bed to place the rest of your meal.

2. Include sources of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to improve collagen structure in the skin, slow down aging, and reduce inflammation. Opt for 1 to 2 daily servings of flaxseeds, chia seeds, or hempseeds, walnuts, or soy foods and consider supplementing with a microalgae EPA and DHA formula.

3. Find ways to maximize nutrient density in your overall diet. This means emphasizing colorful vegetables and fruits, making them the center of your plate, and including fresh herbs, spices, teas, legumes, nuts, and seeds as daily staples. It also means minimizing – or, better yet – eliminating refined sugars, animal products, and highly processed foods to avoid empty calories and compounds that promote oxidation and stress.

Kelly LeVeque

Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Expert and Health Coach

Exfoliate weekly, protect with antioxidants like vitamin C and hydrate with omega rich organic oils like calendula, marula or squalane.

Jennifer Stein

Jennifer Stein is the co-founder of Destination Media, LLC which was established in 2004 and publishes the international title, Destination I Do Magazine. Jennifer has over 18 years of business and publishing experience and was recognized as one of the “Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35” by Arizona Republic. As Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Jennifer has helped drive revenue growth by 135% since 2010 and has elevated the brand by collaborating with some of the best in the wedding and travel industries.

1. Ice your face! By icing your face after you’ve cleansed it, it will kill the bacteria that clog pores, tightens your skin and makes your pores appear smaller.

2. Don’t pick. Ever. If you have an unsightly pimple, go to an esthetician to have them do an extraction and in the meantime, do item 1. Icing inflamed skin will reduce the life of that pimple.

3. Cut down on iodized salt. Check your supplements (including vitamins) to make sure you’re getting the smallest amount. Iodized salt can increase inflammation and cause flare-ups.

Madelynn Loo

As a qualified nutritionist, I believe in nourishing the skin from within through diet and supplementation. However, I am also very passionate about the use of natural skincare ingredients such as rosehip and coconut oil and am a firm believer in utilizing what nature has given to better care for our bodies. I am currently the content manager and SEM (subject-matter-expert) for Xtend-Life Natural Products who manufacture world-class natural supplements and skincare from their headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. I would be happy to create content for your site and feature in any way possible to better educate readers on the importance of natural skin care and beautiful skin from within.

1. Plenty of water daily is a must for hydration. I often tell customers about how our vital organs (heart, brain, lungs) are number one in line for water and nutrients, and what is leftover then gets passed on to our skin and hair. You could think of it the same way as a pot plant that doesn’t flower when it is in need of watering! Water should be taken preferably with fresh lemon to detox the body of toxins and promote clear skin.

2. Fish oil daily – most skin specialists promote the use of surface products and while some products are definitely beneficial to the cellular matrix of the skin, I have found a quality fish oil to be exceptional for skin suppleness. As a bonus it also promotes fast-growing thicker hair and stronger nails. On a side note – it is crucial that the fish oil is pure and fresh with antioxidants to further support skin protection and repair.

3. If I were to go down the general skincare route, I would say that organic rosehip oil is a life-saver and something I use daily. I find this much more effective than majority of face moisturizers for acne scars and fine lines. It evens out my skin tone and texture and doesn’t aggravate acne.

Stephanie Mansour

Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, is on a mission to help women lose weight fast and make it last. Steph is a Weightloss & Lifestyle Coach for women, a TV Personality, and a Health & Fitness Expert.She’s been featured on CNN, Dr. Oz, and over 50 television shows. She coached and trained one reality TV show client to lose 83 lbs in just 12 weeks. Her emphasis on gaining confidence in yourself and creating your own version of the perfect body and lifestyle has made her a favorite among her clients and fans.As a recovered dieter with low self-esteem, and a former overweight, anxious, and stressed out insomniac, Stephanie holistically transformed her life and started her company in 2008 to help others do the same.Steph focuses on the inner-game of losing weight quickly and easily in her coaching programs, online challenges, speaking engagements, and products. Her four pillar approach to weightloss (physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual) has helped thousands of women lose literally thousands of pounds.Stephanie holds her BA in Communications with an emphasis on Women’s Studies & Psychology from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), her personal training, yoga, and Pilates certifications, as well as her professional life coaching certification.

1. Cleanse and moisturize!

2. Use a brand you trust – I use Mary Kay because my mom and grandmother use it and I’ve never had a problem with it!

3. Remember to remove your make – up every night with make-up remover!

Anamika Sureka Malik

My name is Anamika..I am a wife, mom and a blogger who runs which receives one million page views a month.Along with this I also have a youtube channel which has 26000 subscribers named as wiseshemakeup

1. Always keep yourself hydrated.

2. Exercise till you can as exercising can clean your skin from within and clears pores.

3. Always apply after a good cleansing.

Jennifer Flanagan

My journey into skin care started with horrible acne as a teen. This made me want to understand the causes and solutions for acne. It became a passion which caused me to research like crazy and take a different approach than most. I love sharing my knowledge with others who are struggling with skin care too.

1. Use as gentle a cleanser as your skin will allow, to get off makeup and the day. Avoid cleansers that strip your skin unnecessarily.

2. Be more gentle with your skin care routine overall, avoid harsh treatments and over use of exfoliants as this can actually age your skin and cause irritation. Irritation can also lead to sensitivity and/or rosacea.

3. Avoid creams/lotions if your skin is acne prone. Creams and lotions have waxes and or/waxy emulsifiers that contribute to clogging and acne. “


Chaya is a serious food-nerd who shares her passion about real food and healthy living with her blog and store, Pantry Paratus.

Natural moisturizers that do double-duty to heal your skin too, like coconut oil and honey.

Erik Kreider

As a Stanford trained biochemist and dermatology pharmaceutical scientist, I recognized that most mass market skin care products contain high levels of petrochemicals that contaminate our bodies throughout the duration of our lives, leading to accelerated aging, disease and early morbidity. I created Kabana Skin Care’s product line as a response to this realization, in an effort to provide consumers a clean and scientific data-driven alternative, designed to protect long term health and longevity. We specialize in zinc oxide sunscreens made with certified organic ingredients that anyone can fundamentally understand and have confidence in using every day.

1. Zinc oxide sunscreen with simple organic edible grade ingredients

2. Quality natural retinoid night serum, but only use retinoids before bed as vitamin A derivatives are not to be used in concert with exposure to UV radiation.

3. Antioxidant moisturizer that boosts skin’s protection level to oxidative free radicals.

Celeste Hilling

With more than two decades in beauty, Celeste Hilling is a recognized media expert on the science of skin care and consumer trends in technology. Based in Southern California, Hilling is the Co-founder, CEO and Product Formulator for Skin Authority. Skin Authority is the healthy skin lifestyle company utilizing technology to develop pure, powerful products and engaging consumer experiences. Hilling has a deep knowledge of high-tech as a former VP of Compaq Computer Worldwide.

1. Detoxing the skin helps to eliminate toxins that can lead to age spots; adult acne; or oily, red, itchy skin. In addition to nightly resurfacing, I recommend applying clay-based masks a few times per week to the face.For your body, dry brushing is fantastic. I use a professional dry brush several times weekly before showering or bathing to slough off dead skin. Simply use the brush in circular motions starting at your feet and work your way up. More tips for a natural skin detox:

  • Give yourself a week of staying off “congesting” foods like animal fats, dairy, white bread, fast foods and sugar.
  • Drink more water. If you want extra detoxing power and/or don’t prefer plain water, add some lemon to promote healthy digestion and flush toxins.
  • Exercise gets your heart beating and your skin sweating, which helps to cleanse toxins.

2. Beauty Infusions and oils are all the rage in organic skin care. Not only will oils and infusions make your skin shine, they also reflect light and conceal flaws, such as veins, scars, and cellulite. Avocado oil is one of my go-to oils. It soothes, protects, and moisturizes skin with its high concentration of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

3. Speaking of avocado oil, I urge you to feed your skin. As you know, our skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside our body. Therefore, ingredients which are known for their nutritional value are also great for our skin. Three clean-beauty ingredients I love:

  • Probiotics have always been in the food world; now they are venturing into skin. When used in skin care, probiotics are anti-inflammatory and help with conditions including breakouts, rosacea, and eczema.
  • Commonly used in curry, turmeric is also coming to skin care. For the skin, turmeric is an anti- inflammatory; look for it in brightening products and those used to even out skin tone.
  • Packed with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, quinoa helps ward off the signs of aging by boosting collagen production and sealing in moisture.
Dai Manuel

I’m a digital thought leader and lifestyle mentor empowering people to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community. I model my work on the basis of 5 pillars (4 actually, plus a roof): Fitness, Family, Finances, and Faith with an overarching roof of ‘FUN’ built on a rock-solid foundation of health. I’m also a dad, dating my wife, a founding partner and former COO of Fitness Town Inc, keynote speaker, award-winning blogger (, Podcaster, CrossFit athlete and coach, a BC Children’s Hospital Grind For Kids Ambassador, and published author of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto

Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil, and Coconut Oil… did you get that?

Kellyann Petrucci

Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet and is featured in the PBS special, 21 Days to a Slimmer, Younger You. A weight-loss and natural anti-aging transformation expert, Dr. Kellyann is a concierge doctor for celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles and maintains a private practice in the Birmingham, Michigan area.

1. Organic collagen powder and bone broth. Collagen is the “glue” that keeps your skin strong, and you lose collagen as you age. To get enough collagen, I recommend drinking a daily mug of bone broth—which contains a rich supply of the building blocks of collagen—or supplementing your diet with collagen powder. If you opt for a supplement, be sure to select a high-quality, organic collagen powder made from pastured beef.

2. Virgin coconut oil—inside and out. Coconut oil is rich in hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful skin smoother and moisturizer. I cook with it, put it in smoothies, and rub it on my skin. I especially recommend it if you have eczema or psoriasis.

3. Organic blueberries. The anthocyanins in blueberries protect your skin against sun damage, and the vitamin C in them plays a key role in forming collagen. They’re also loaded with antioxidants that help keep your skin cells healthy and “bouncy.

Gigi Stewart

Atlanta-based Gigi Stewart is a science-backed Southern Belle with B.S. and M.A. degrees, including a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience with specialties in chronic inflammatory pain and natural products research. Gigi’s unique fact-based approach to nutrition, combined with her personal experience living with celiac disease and multiple food allergies gives her insight into special diets nutrition and wellness that few are able to offer. A leading voice for the gluten-free, allergen-free lifestyle, Gigi is a published author, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Food Solutions Magazine and a featured chef for The Ingles Table. Gigi’s expertise as a professional recipe developer, nutritional advisor, science and health writer and public speaker is highly sought after in the health and nutrition community. She is a frequent content contributor for Better Homes & Gardens, Parade, and Epicurious Community Table. Connect with Gigi via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

1. For silky skin, moisturize daily after bath or shower with organic unrefined coconut oil.

2. For bright, youthful skin, eat organic fresh berries each day. The antioxidants are effective for slowing aging.

3. For a refreshing toner, steep organic fresh green herbs like basil or rosemary in hot purified water. Drain and pour water into spray bottle to mist face after cleansing.

Kimberly Fisher Boone

Kimberly Fisher is no stranger to the entertainment industry and has navigated a successful multi-media career over the past decade. A former model & actress, Kimberly is the founder of and Spiritual Socialites and is a lifestyle writer, media personality and Internet Entrepreneur.Kimberly has made television appearances on every major network and has written for publications such as Ocean View Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Haute Living, HuffingtonPost, JustLuxe, and USAToday. She is the author of “Promotional Modeling 101″ and has a romance novel is in the works. You can always find her at her website.Kimberly is available as a spokesmodel, brand ambassador, media requests and speaking engagements.

Beauty starts from the inside out. Take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally and you will see a change in you skin.Try safe ways to keep your skin healthy, like laser genesis, which doesn’t mess with the Ph balance of your skin.Less is more. Find products that work for you, but don’t buy into the hype that you need 30 products for your face.

Jazz Pollard

I’m a post-graduate in English literature, a writer and beauty researcher, with over a decade of experience researching and writing as a profession and as a passion. As a beauty blogger, I write articles on beauty and makeup-related topics, including makeup tips, skincare issues, anti-aging issues, eyelash enhancers, Lip Plumpers and best make-up tips and tricks, and use the power of self-motivation in my writing.

1.Vitamin C – This is one ingredient that any type of skin should benefit from. Other than being a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C also helps firm up your skin and improves your skin’s resistance to sagging and wrinkling. Vitamin C also powers up the cells so that skin is revitalized and efficiency in repair and regeneration are restored.

2. Avoid harsh products – Irritating products causes inflammation on your skin. When inflammation, such as itching, redness and swelling, strike, damage is certain to follow. Avoid products that contain drying alcohol components which suck moisture out of your skin and makes your skin lose its ability to capture, hold and lock in moisture.

3. Lack of sleep drives up stress hormones – Sleep and stress have a two-way relationship. We all know that anxiety can create sleep problems. Lesser known is that lack of sleep can also drive up stress. Greater than all of your skincare products combined, the best regimen to resurface beautiful skin once again is simply by getting sufficient number of hours of sleep —everyday. Don’t miss out on the reinvigorating effect of sleep again.

Nadine Artemis

Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs, and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet. She is the author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums, a frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets, and her products have received rave reviews in the New York Times, the National Post, and the Hollywood Reporter. Described by Alanis Morissette as “a true-sense visionary,” Nadine has formulated a stunning collection of rare and special botanical compounds. Her healing creations, along with her concept of Renegade Beauty, encourage effortlessness, eschew regimes, and inspire people to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness.

1. Ditch the soaps and foaming cleansers and wash your face with oils only. All oils are not created equally though, so it is important to avoid old, rancid, and highly refined oils like almond, peach kernel, and grapeseed oil. Jojoba is the best choice as it has an affinity with our skin’s natural oils. It won’t over-dry the skin nor cause breakouts, and it does not go rancid.

2. Dry bush with an . It is so worth the two minutes it takes to dry brush before a bath or shower! Dry brushing involves lightly coating a dry natural bristle brush with a drop of a lymph loving essential oil, like rosemary or cypress, and then very lightly brushing every inch of skin. Always brush in the direction of the heart, and avoid brushing damaged or inflamed skin. This is a great way to show some love to the vast lymphatic network just below the surface of the skin. It keeps lymph fluid flowing, which helps support healthy circulation and glowing skin.

3. When treating blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and acne, avoid complex over-the-counter chemical compounds that mutate the skin’s microbiome and damage the skin’s immunity. Simple and effective essential oils such as rose otto, frankincense, and immortelle heal and harmonize with the skin issue to resolve the blemish issue while working synergistically with our skin’s friendly flora.

Vijay Diwakar

Vijay Diwakar is founder of MyBeautyGym. His blog provides information on Weight Loss, Living a Healthy Life, Beauty Tips, Building Muscles and Fashion Trends and much more!

1. Eat foods that are great for healthy skin. For e.g. Berries, Spinach, Salmon, Flax seeds, Low fat yogurt and Walnuts

2. Don’t forget to remove your makeup, before going to bed and always try to use natural or organic skin care make-up products.

3. Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. It will help you to prevent black spots under your eyes

Susanne Kaufmann

Born in 1970 in Austria. I grew up with hospitality and design. my mothers family is in the hotel business since 5 generations and my fathers family in architecture since 3 generations. I took over the hotel when I was 23 and tried to form it from a very traditional hotel into a modern wellness resort. In 2003 I started the cosmetic. I grew up with the traditional knowledge of plants and medicine and I was always convinced that this knowledge in combination with the latest scientist researches would result into fantastic and powerfull products. Initiating the research and development of products, monitoring the production process from start to finish ensures the highest quality. It is my passion to find the best ingredients and highest quality for our products. today I run the hotel and the cosmetic and its very exciting to have the possibility to show people with products and treatments what they can do to stay beautiful from inside and outside.

Believe that your skin can help it self and with organic products you can support this.Use natural oils. Nothing is more rich in vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids as high quality natural oilsTrink water and get fresh air.

Leah Sheridan

Office Manager

Top 3 Organic Skincare tips:

1. Use a drop of lemon on pimples. It dries from the deepest point to the top and has natural bleaching properties to help reduce scarring.

2. Yoghurt Mask. Put a thin layer of organic yoghurt over your face. Wait 20 minutes to dry, wash off. The acids and enzymes in the yoghurt help to exfoliate and reduce redness.

3. Apple cider vinegar in your water. Great as a liver tonic and health elixir. I put about 5-10ml in 1 litre of water, makes my skin glow.

Michelle Wong

Michelle writes about the science behind beauty products at Lab Muffin. She has a PhD in chemistry and is currently working in science education.

1. “Natural”” is a marketing term and quite meaningless. Many “”natural”” ingredients are actually synthetic because the synthetic version is purer and safer. For example, only synthetic iron oxides are allowed by the FDA, yet they’re used in lots of “”natural””, “”organic”” products.

2. The term “”organic”” is mostly also a marketing tool. “”Organic”” itself is not regulated so anyone can put it on their product. “”Certified organic”” is a bit stricter in that the production needs to adhere to certain guidelines, but organic farming also uses pesticides (some of which have similar risks as conventional pesticides, and are less effective so they need to be used in much larger quantities; they also have less research behind them so their risks are less well known), and non-organic pesticide traces from neighbouring areas frequently contaminate organic crops anyway thanks to wind. Organic crops have also not been found to be safer, more nutritious, or better for the environment (in fact, due to lower crop yields, it’s currently worse for the environment). In fact, there are no proven benefits to organic products at all. The myth is perpetuated so that people keep paying higher prices for less effective products

Jessica Burman

Jessica Burman Zinger has a background in microbiology, aromatherapy (certification with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy), and esthetics. She has a passion for plants and loves reading about how and why they are beneficial to our skin. She is a mom to 2, animal lover, tree hugger, traveler, and joie de vivre chaser.

1. Oils are your friend. We’ve been trained to think that oil will congest our skin and will create a greasy look when pure plant oils from nuts and seeds are the best source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. They are the only true anti-aging ingredients out there.

2. Look for products with high quality ingredients. If the ingredient list starts with olive oil (Oleo Europea), it is a superior formula to one that starts with something cheap like cyclopentasiloxane. The majority of ingredients should be botanical.

3. Treat your skin like you treat the rest of your body. Synthetic ingredients have dominated the beauty industry for years because they are cheap, stable, and have a better shelf life. They are as good for your skin as junk food is for your body.



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