Get The Looks With Our Top Product Picks! – Clearlifeinc – Sept 15, 2019

If it seems overwhelming to make the switch to organic, and you don’t know where to start, the best way to start is with a list of ingredients to slowly avoid.

Hair products can contain things like coal tar (used in dandruff shampoos), ethanolamine (used in styling products), and benzene compounds like toluene (used in hair dyes). All of these are linked with health issues like skin and eye irritation; endocrine disruption; possible carcinogens; and developmental, reproductive, and immune toxicity. Along with chemical exposure on the scalp seeping into the bloodstream, you are potentially breathing in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while application of the products as well . Phthalates, often found in fragrance, can enter into the system through inhalation, getting absorbed through the lungs. Check out some of our top picks.