At WORLD Hair and Skin, we live by the 3 words:

clean minimal effective

Founded in 2001 by celebrity hairstylist, Brian Philips, WORLD is a family-run business focused on providing natural, efficient and professional-grade body and hair care products for everyone. With healthy ingredients and multi-functional uses, WORLD brings you luxury with a small footprint.

brian’s story

In 1993, I developed a severe case of contact dermatitis on my hands. After treatment with steroidal creams, the condition worsened.

By luck, a client who was studying to be a naturopath came in for a cut. She looked at my hands and remarked that my skin was reacting to something I was using regularly, and that I would have to eliminate those toxins from my routine. Through a process of elimination, it became obvious that perm solution and gel were the culprits. After I stopped using these products in the salon, the dermatitis cleared up on its own.

During my research, I learned that we are exposed to many chemicals in everything we use, especially hair and skin care products. I wanted to service our clients without toxic exposure, so in 1999, I decided to develop the WORLD line, one that was healthy for everyone - clients, salon staff, friends and family.

When I first approached our manufacturer, and described a line that was really gentle, with no harmful chemicals and no fragrance, he said “ Brian, if you don’t add fragrance, nobody will buy it because people want to smell like something.”

I said to him, “That’s exactly my point. There’s so much stuff out there that smells, I think it would be kind of cool to make something that didn’t smell.” After a year of prototyping, WORLD was born.

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