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Q: Who can use the WORLD PROTECT?
A: Like the WORLD CLEAN, PROTECT can be used safely on everyone, even new borns. It is also perfect for both genders and all ethnicities.

Q: Is the WORLD PROTECT really an all-in-one moisturizer, conditioner, styling product and more?
A: YES, indeed it is! The WORLD PROTECT is a fantastic all-in one moisturizer. It also doubles as a make-up remover and moisturizing shaving cream, so it’s really all you need to moisturize your body.

Q: Is the PROTECT a good conditioner for curly hair?
A: YES, the PROTECT is fantastic for curly hair. It helps to form and maintain curl and leaves hair feeling soft, smooth and manageable.

Q: Is the PROTECT a good leave-in conditioner?
A: Depending on hair type, the PROTECT can either be left in the hair aasnd a leave-in conditioner or can be used as a detangler and rinsed out. Because of its light but powerful formula, it moisturizes without creating any grease or excess oil.

Q: What are some of the active ingredients in the PROTECT?
A: There are numerous active ingredients in the PROTECT, such as: vitamins A through E, dandelion, elderflower, rosehip and rosemary, all help to moisturize the hair and skin.