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Q: Who can use the WORLD REPAIR?
A: The WORLD REPAIR can be used by both genders, all ethnicities and age groups. Not recommended for new borns.

Q: Is the WORLD REPAIR a multi-use product?
A: NO, the WORLD REPAIR is meant for use on the hair.

Q: Is the REPAIR more of a hair mask or conditioner?
A: The great thing about the REPAIR is that it can act as both a mask and a conditioner. To use as a mask or deep conditioner, disperse a generous amount throughout damp hair and apply heat. For best results, leave in hair for 30 minutes and rinse out. To use as a conditioner, add REPAIR to hair for 5 minutes and rinse out. For protection from blow drying and styling tools, leave in hair as a leave-in conditioner.

Q: What are some of the active ingredients in the REPAIR?
A: REPAIR contains rosemary, jojoba oil and calendula oil all ingredients to aid in the rejuvenation of hair.