Q: Is the UP safe for anyone to use?
A: UP is a natural hair spray for hair only – it cannot be used on skin. UP can be used effectively on all differing hair types and ages. Not recommended for new borns.

Q: Is the WORLD UP an aerosol hairspray?
A: NO, the WORLD UP is a natural hairspray and is aerosol free. It is the perfect alternative to using harsh chemicals found in aerosol hairsprays.

Q: Is the UP actually made with sugar?
A: YES, it is the sugar content in the product that adds a natural hold to the hair.

Q: Can the WORLD UP be used on damp hair?
A: The UP works better when sprayed into damp - towel-dry hair and then followed by blow-dry or styling. UP can also be used after hair is dry. A mist of UP on dry hair provides extra hold.

Q: What is the difference between the WORLD OCEAN and the WORLD UP?
A: The WORLD OCEAN is a sea salt spray that provides volume and texture, whereas the UP is a natural sugar hairspray used to provide extensive hold.

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