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We live in a time where people think very carefully about the food they put in their mouths. It is time that we become mindful of the products we put on our hair and on our skin, as they end up in our bodies.

In 1993, I developed a severe case of contact dermatitis on my hands. After treatment with steroidal creams, the condition worsened.

By luck, a client who was studying to be a naturopath came in for a cut at the time. She looked at my hands and remarked that my skin was reacting to something I was using regularly, and that I would have to eliminate those toxins from my routine. Through a process of elimination, it became obvious that perm solution and gel were the culprits. After I stopped using these products in the salon, the dermatitis cleared up on its own.

During my research, I learned that we are exposed to many chemicals in everything we use, especially hair and skin care products. I wanted to service our clients without toxic exposure, so in 1999, I decided to develop the WORLD line, one that was healthy for everyone - clients, salon staff, friends and family.

When I first approached our manufacturer, and described a line that was really gentle, with no harmful chemicals and no fragrance, he said “ Brian, if you don’t add fragrance, nobody will buy it because people want to smell like something.”

I said to him, “That’s exactly my point. There’s so much stuff out there that smells, I think it would be kind of cool to make something that didn’t smell.” After a year of prototyping,

and in 2001, WORLD was born.

Brian Phillips
celebrity stylist | founder

It’s great to see people taking more of an interest in clean beauty. I have been engaged in these issues for decades and developed the WORLD line of products as a direct result of my own experiences in the salon.

Not only do we need to be concerned about the health and beauty of our clients, but we must also take steps to reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals experienced by our staff all day, every day.

Donna Edwards
director of business development

we are happy to share WORLD with you, a product line that promotes a simpler way of living - effective, healthy, streamlined and cost effective.

We have built WORLD carefully, maintained its integrity, reputation and quality and will insure its success as a brand of the future.

Our goal with every choice we offer is twofold: Cherish and enhance the body and the spirit, protect and sustain our society and our planet.

WORLD brings you luxury with a small footprint!