Where is WORLD Hair & Skin manufactured?

WORLD products are a Canadian brand, manufactured in Ontario, Canada.


Is WORLD packaging recyclable?

YES, all WORLD packaging is recyclable.


How clean is the WORLD Hair & Skin line?

Not only are WORLD products paraben, sulphate, phthalate, gluten and fragrance free, they are free of Environmental Defence of Canada's Toxic Ten list.

Can people of any age use WORLD Hair & Skin?

  • YES, however the BLENDS essential oils are not for use on infants, small children or pregnant women.

Are any of the WORLD products vegan?

Some of our products contain beeswax, so cannot be considered vegan. The WORLD products that are vegan are CLEAN, REPAIR, OCEAN, UP, CANDY and the BLENDS.

Are WORLD Hair and Skin products tested on animals?

NO, WORLD products are not tested on animals.

Do any of the products contain a fragrance or perfume?

In order to be as clean as they are, WORLD products have no added fragrance or perfumes. However, some products do contain essential oils, which provide a light scent. A WORLD essential oil BLEND can be added to any products in the WORLD line that are scent free to create a personalized scent.

Are WORLD Hair and Skin products safe for people with sensitivities?

Of course it would depend on the sensitivity. Many WORLD customers however, do use the WORLD line because they have sensitivities to toxic ingredients in many other beauty care products. This applies especially to those with intolerance to products with fragrance.

Can those with allergies to Gluten use WORLD?

YES, WORLD takes pride in the fact that its products are Gluten free.