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head-to-toe skin and hair relief


BELIEVE is a very nice product. I'm a diabetic and have to be careful with my fingers. If I get a small cut or if my fingers get sore from testing my blood, I just use this ointment and they feel much better. It even works on hangnails! Thanks. Have been using this cream for a few weeks and it seems to improve skin texture, wish it came in a bigger size also. Would recommend it to my friends!


I see patients daily in the hospital and I am constantly using hand sanitizer. By the end of the day, my hands are dry, chapped and sore. I apply the BELIEVE salve to my hands in the evening. By the morning, my hands are as good as new - soft and smooth as silk.


I used it on my hair. on a fresh tattoo and it's great for lips too.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BELIEVE. From lip balm to heat rash on my son BELIEVE does wonders!


Is like magic! part of my personal kit


I will never live without this balm again! It has cleared up my daughter's dry scalp and dry skin patches. I recently air travelled all day and used this on my face and lips - it's amazing!