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Buzz Hair & Body Polish


This is a nice all-purpose product. BUZZ is great for smoothing your hair and controlling frizz. You need such a small amount; the jar will last forever.


I bought the WORLD BUZZ a few years ago for shining up my hair.? Then I found out that it made my hands feel so nice....my lips so nice... now, a few years later, our family uses this BUZZ (almost) everywhere, for everything!


M. Kucey

I absolutely LOVE love your Buzz hair pomade - It's my absolute favourite hair product, I'm on my fourth container at least!


BUZZ is wonderful - great smell and a really nice effect. It makes your hair look healthy and not at all greasy and achieves piece-y styles on both long and short hair. I've yet to experience any build up issues. Kind of reminds me of the Bed Head sticks I used to use years ago.


I am really loving the way it feels on my lips. I have stopped using anything else.