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Both a shampoo for the hair and body wash to cleanse the entire body.


This shampoo/body wash really checks off a lot of boxes: eco-friendly, Canadian-owned, and high-performing. It gets hair super clean without drying, and it rinses away completely so there's no build up. One of my favourite features is being able to add essential oils to make your own scented shampoo. Also a bottle of it lasts forever, it seems, so it's good value.


I have used this shampoo for years now. It cleans my hair very well without stripping of moisture. I love that it is scent free so I can freely add essential oils to customize as I wish. It is so good that I would confidently buy a 4-litre bottle knowing I will definitely use it up and then buy more.


This product is awesome! It saves my sensitive skin! I can't go back to other product anymore. The only con is the price, too expensive compared with Dove or NIVEA. But, for me, it's worthy!


Amazing Canadian product! I never go without it! I use it for my shampoo and an all over body wash, including face! Thank you Well for carrying the 1 Litre size and thank you for carrying Canadian products!


I have been using the World clean and protect products for several months now. I find them to be much gentler on my very sensitive skin and have found I can use small amounts with good results. I really appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients. I also use the lotion as a "carrier oil" for the essential oils I use. I am also very happy to support a Canadian product! The World site offers essential oil blends that can be added to the cleanser or lotion.


I have extremely sensitive skin, and this is the gentlest shampoo/body wash that I've used. It also has lots of suds, so it's easy to work through the hair. I'm so happy to see that well.ca is now carrying the 1L size!


Love the smell and ingredients. Wish they still had it in a clear bottle so you can see how much is used.


This is the best natural shampoo I've tried yet. I love that it's unscented and leaves my hair feeling as it should - soft and clean. It's expensive, but I'm okay with that. It's a great product and a Canadian company.


Excellent shower gel, shampoo, and soap for hand washing delicate clothes. We love that it really is unscented! Well tolerated by a family with sensitive skin.


Excellent shower gel, shampoo, and soap for hand washing delicate clothes. We love that it really is unscented! Well tolerated by a family with sensitive skin.


CLEAN is my miracle in a bottle. This power packed cleanser is the perfect product for my morning showers and my travel adventures. In 2009, I hiked 30 days on a coast to coast backpacking expedition across Iceland with absolutely NO room for any extras in my pack. New uses for CLEAN became a must as I washed my hair, body, laundry and even greasy food bowl all without harming the pristine Icelandic interior. This summer, Ill be on a 50 day trek through the Andes and CLEAN will definitely be along for the ride!


Use CLEAN to wash myself from head to toes, including hair. It is really gentle, and I've noticed less blemishes on my skin and scalp when I use this soap.


This is the best make-up removal and most gentle shampoo I've ever used. I would highly recommend.


I use CLEAN every day for both my hair and skin, it's proven to be one of the only products to clear up my acne on both my scalp and face after trying tons of products in the past 10 years of my life. The all-natural ingredients don't cause any irritation to my scalp, I wish I had this product sooner.


I have sensitive skin and this product works really well for me. Love that it doubles as a shampoo and body wash. It is generally scentless and lathers well when used with a loofah


I developed a scent sensitivity several years ago and spent a looooong time experimenting with different unscented shampoos before I found one that meets all my demands. World Clean checks *all* the boxes for me:

All ingredients check out at both Ewg.org and Beautypedia (healthy and gentle). It works as a great after-swim shampoo reducing damage to hair and swimsuits (versatile!). It works effectively every member of our family (straight thick long, short curly, nearly bald ;)... keeps all our hair soft, frizz-free and healthy/shine-y (even without conditioner, and I have a LOT of hair) (effective!). It comes in bulk so reduces waste in our house (green!). It doubles as a body wash so is great for travel. Just one refillable shampoo for *all* our shampoo needs (simple). YAY!   Thank you to World for making this product. Thank you to Well.ca for carrying it! (Please don't ever stop;


Works great as a body wash and a hand cleaner. It smells a bit medicinal but not offensive. It is highly concentrated so you don't use a lot. That helps offset the very high price a bit. I'd give it a 5 if it were lower price.


I love that this is a multi-purpose product which can be used by the entire family. It is also the only thing we use when we travel; convenient, smells great, lathers well - no complaints. Highly recommend.


I bought this product to use on my sensitive skin, so far so good. Have not tried for the hair yet use other natural products.


Love this as a facewash, body wash/shaving gel, and for body wash and shampoo for my toddler. Really like having one bottle to do almost everything I need it to do for the two of us. It doesn't work as a shampoo for me because I have to use too much of it to get a good lather for my long and super coarse hair (but I haven't yet found an unscented, made-in-Canada shampoo that DOES work for me). I like it so much for everything else that it does do that it's one of only 2 bottles in my shower (the other bottle being whatever shampoo I'm testing out at the time). I also like the World Protect as a light lotion or leave-in conditioner.


My daughter has really bad eczema and this product has minimized the itching and does not make her skin break out

Donna Roach

I have not been able to use repair hair products for twelve years because everything I could find was scented and I have allergies. I already use your shampoo, CLEAN and it is the BEST I have ever used so I thought I would try Repair. My hair feels totally different, nourished, soft, manageable and shiny. I am beyond thrilled!! I have curly hair and it has just been amazing!! Thank you so much for your products Even my hairdresser has noticed how wonderful my hair is and complimented me. I really appreciate you making quality products without scent.


Love WORLD products and have used them for years, but it was this summer that I realized just how great they are when I washed and conditioned my daughters very long-hair. The CLEAN shampoo rinsed out in a second and, after conditioning, her hair was incredibly easy to comb. We don't buy kiddie stuff for our girls anymore. 


Amazing product! Works wonderfully as a gentle and non-drying face cleanser (no more breakouts), shampoo, shower gel, and shaving cream. I am usually wary of "all in ones" (especially since I have really long and incredibly thick hair that tend to get greasy if I wash them more often than 3 times a week), but this product really does it all! It's that good!

Charlie and Debbie Bell

Together with 'Protect' two efficient products that get many jobs done with benefits for skin, water supply and storage issues. Thank you!