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Protect Hair & Skin Moisturizer


I'm so impressed with this conditioner and the shampoo that goes with it. Great quality, unscented and it's from a Canadian company too. I have very sensitive skin and this has been great. I'm so glad well.ca is carrying it


Nice non greasy hair conditioner, not heavy in hair


Love this product! I use PROTECT on my 2-year-old daughter who has extremely dry, sensitive skin, and it is really great on her! Has done wonders for her dry, flaky scalp...Highly recommend


Dereck Cosgrove

Thank you for creating Protect. My 3 year old son has really sensitive skin. When he gets a cold, his cheeks get red and chapped. I put Protect on his cheeks last night and the redness went away completely. I've been searching high and low for something like this.


Dream come true product. PROTECT is gentle, all natural and all purpose! I use this on everything - hair (conditioner), face moisturizer, and body lotion! I like using less on my body, and this product and company is a dream comes true for me. My only critique is that it is SUPER gentle - I love the fact that it is gentle but if you have SUPER dry skin, then it might not give you a lot of moisture - my recommendation is using BELIEVE, thats what I do.


Have searched high and low for a product that would help dry grey hair. Found Protect it's the only one that works. Makes my hair smooth and shiny, i don't wash off i leave in after shampooing. Fantastic product


Excellent - for use either as a body cream or as a leave-in conditioner. Love this brand - wish that it was offered in travel size!


I love PROTECT. I was about to use it as a conditioner, but I ended up using it as my tattoo aftercare lotion. As I just had a fresh tattoo done and all the lotion brands that my tattoo artist recommended gave me bad reactions (i.e. sting, burn), I got desperate, grabbed this bottle of PROTECT and applied it to my tattoo. Surprisingly, it felt nice and smooth, very comforting, no sting at all. I really appreciate that.


Great product, use it as moisturizer for my hair & skin and works like a charm. Keeps my skin smooth and hair textured nicely. Definitely recommend


PROTECT is an amazing and incredibly effective product! A light, non-greasy, easy and quick to absorb cream that is as effective as a hair conditioner (with the option to leave in, or rinse out), as it is a facial moisturizer (no more breakouts! And great for wearing under your makeup too), or a body lotion (I have moderately dry skin). Having very long and incredibly thick hair, it usually takes me forever to rinse it after using conditioner. As PROTECT can be left in, it cuts the time it usually takes me to wash my hair in half! Combined with CLEAN, it's so gentle and balancing for my scalp that I don't need to wash my hair as often as I used to. It's that good