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Kim C

World Protect, Clean and Repair are my go-to products and have been for years. I love them all for how they make my hair feel but also for World’s commitment to producing products that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Now I’m adding Velvet (Not just a lip balm) to the list. As a person who experiences bouts of extremely dry, cracked and peeling lips World’s Velvet is the only lip moisturizer to make a difference. (And, believe me… I tried a few.) I’m completely hooked and forever grateful. 

Thank you, World,!!!!


Terrific products; super-easy ordering and FAST shipping

Love CLEAN and PROTECT. Noteworthy for its pristine ingredients and superhero-like properties! My naturally curly hair shines (which if you know how hard it is to make naturally curly hairy shiny ...) and my dry skin glows. So happy

C. Moreau

I do enjoy using World and my salon will continue to carry it.  I know that I'm not a huge retailer, but I want to be able to support Canadian made products, especially those that are local to me.

You and Brian are working hard to make this planet a better place, and your dedication doesn't go unnoticed. I had a workshop the other day and was proud to mention World and what it stands for.


Again, I thank you. My most favourite product is Believe!  Keep up the great work, we owners and stylists appreciate you!


All I can say is - thank you to the creators of these products. Simply Amazing - Life made simple!


Love! I use this on my hair, face, and body. It is like an all-purpose product for the body. I love that CLEAN is all natural, no harmful chemicals. It is gentle, and I mean GENTLE! This is by far the gentlest product I have ever used. Though its gentle, it cleans! It saves me money because I don't have to buy 200 different products to use on my entire body. Before, I would buy 5 products for my face, 3 for my body and 6 for my hair. Now, I only have 3 products - CLEAN, BELIEVE, and PROTECT three products for EVERYTHING! I love this product, which is the reason I am writing such a long review

Dawn Gordon

What I most appreciate about WORLD Products is the improved quality and health of my complexion and hair. These are light, easy to wear products that balance and nourish. Simply put, they are the best products I have ever used!

Leanne Pestell

Thank you for the excellent service. I love WORLD products and the whole company!