Family Multi-Purpose Hair and Skin Products

Derived from plants and formulated with healthy non-toxic ingredients that are gentle enough for your newborn yet effective enough for your whole family. Enjoy family sizes of our most popular products, economical and refillable.
Clean, minimal, effective, multipurpose - protect your family, protect yourself, protect our WORLD.

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Why are more and more families embracing the WORLD line? Well we checked around and thought we would share the top three reasons:

  1. Non-toxic ingredients. WORLD products have no parabens, sulphates, phthalates (fragrance), colour, gluten, palm oil or silicone and everything biodegrades. Even our preservative system is derived from plants, so these products are gentle enough to use on your newborn and therefore will keep your whole family clean and protected.
  2. Purchasing in bulk. Whether buying from one of our bulk refiller partners or shopping online for our four litre jugs, keeping your whole house stocked with clean, healthy products is easy, and reusing containers means your plastic footprint just shrunk a whole lot.
  3. Multi-purpose. It took us two decades to perfect these formulas that perform exceptionally well on both hair and skin. On top of that, you can toss your shaving cream, makeup remover and other products that WORLD products make redundant.  

Save money, clean up toxics and reduce the plastic in your household, are all great reasons to try ourWORLD.

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