Fragrance Free - Personalizing with Essential Oils

Absolutely no fragrance, scented with wildcrafted essential oils, the life blood of plants, to help detoxify, strengthen and purify.

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We all like to smell good, and most of us need a little extra help in this department. Too much of a good scent can actually be doing more damage than it’s worth, especially if you are loading it on every day with your shampoo, conditioner, after shave, perfume, hairspray….

Many of us are unaware of the hidden toxins in personal care products. Manufacturers use “fragrance” to sneak in all sorts of harmful ingredients, claiming the formula is “proprietary”.   One of the nastiest of these is phthalates - DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP, which helps the fragrance bind to the product and also extends the life of the fragrance. There are scientific studies linking these series of chemicals to abnormal sexual development in fetuses and other reproductive damage. The EPA has listed them as “probable carcinogens” and Europe initially banned them in 1999. These and other hidden chemicals in fragrance can cause a host of ailments including skin sensitivities, organ toxicity, and many bioaccumulate in our fat cells.

Plant essences offer a healthier way to get wonderful smells happening in your hair and skin products. Essential oils are the life blood of plants. If a plant is damaged, the essential oils will travel to affected area and seal it off, just as our blood creates a scab over a cut. These oils have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, allowing the plant to stave off infection and heal itself, just as blood begins the healing process in humans.

The WORLD Hair and Skin line has absolutely no fragrance, but some of the products are scented with essential oils. The CLEAN Hair and Skin Cleanser, PROTECT Hair and Skin Moisturizer, REPAIR Deep Conditioner for Hair and the BUZZ Hair and Body Pomade contain no scent, so we created two gender-neutral essential oils blends, SEXY and YUM, that can be added to these products, just in case anyone feels the urge!

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