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We use plant-based ingredients and NEVER USE parabens, silicon-siloxanes, sulfates, phthalates, fragrance, color, palm oil or hydrolyzed wheat protein (so products are also gluten free), and we never test on animals.

You'll love saving time, space in your bathroom and in your suitcase when traveling as each visionary multi-purpose product can be used interchangeably on both your skin and your hair! Use CLEAN as both your shampoo and your shaving cream, BELIEVE as your hair polish and dry skin balm, and the list goes on!

Don't take our word for it, check out our reviews below! This is a salon quality line developed by a celebrity stylist who for his own health reasons, had to eliminate toxins from his personal care regime. Tested and retested on his salon clientele for over 15 years, WORLD products will offer you a way to achieve that natural beauty that your hair and skin deserve.
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Our products are vegan with the exception of the Believe, Buzz and Velvet, as the bees were involved in their creation 🙂



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We believe in the importance of doing the best we can to mitigate climate change. Our flagship location in Toronto, Canada has solar panels to heat hot water, is Bullfrog Powered, is an original Green Circle Salons member and has received numerous accolades and rewards for its eco focus. When your purchase WORLD, you can be confident that we are the real deal, and that we are always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint and improve the health of your hair, your skin and our world.

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You love WORLD and it's mutual!

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'I apply the BELIEVE salve to my hands in the evening. By the morning, my hands are as good as new - soft and smooth as silk.'

'BUZZ" is wonderful - great smell and a really nice effect. It makes your hair look healthy and not at all greasy and achieves piecy-y styles of both long and short hair. I've yet to experience any build up issues.'