The Art of Layering World Hair and Skin

The Art of Layering World Hair and Skin

As founder of WORLD Hair and Skin, one of my goals for the line is to promote minimalism, simplicity and an awareness of environmental responsibility.  Initially, I consulted with salon industry leaders, creative artists, expert product developers and became inspired and determined to provide a product concept that decried typical marketing strategies which encourage more rather than less.  A perfect example of our end results is WHS CLEAN, one cleanser for all hair types, gentle and effective on colour treated hair, but which can also wash your body, your baby, remove your makeup, and you can shave with it.  Think of how many bottles of other products you wouldn’t need to buy and how much smaller your plastic footprint could be over the span of a year!  

The three considerations in achieving different looks with WHS are HOLD, MOISTURE LEVEL and SLIP/SHINE.  A really great way to experience these three elements, and a strategy that I use all the time, is to add one to another in the palm of your hands.  You can achieve from a putty to a liquid mousse texture and lots more in between.  Our healthy plant-based ingredients in each product are scientifically formulated to offer a basic result, but in layering different products together and applying to hair at different times, you will discover exciting new possibilities, including what works best for your hair, look and health wise.  Below are some time-saving tips on how to layer with WHS: 

CLEAN Hair and Skin Cleanser is the hero product in the WHS line.  Once you’ve experienced it for at least a week, an understanding will develop of how effective and healthy an option to traditional shampoos and cleansers can be.  It is often the gateway product to the other wonderful offerings in the line that are multi-purpose, light and fun to work with.  

UP Natural Holding Spray uses sugar as the support agent.  If you examine sugar crystals under the microscope, you will see deep, jagged shards that once moisture is removed, will bind into a cement wall, giving hair terrific hold.   Mohawks were often achieved using just sugar and water, and this was the inspiration behind UP.  

OCEAN Texturizing Salt Spray uses dead sea salt as the holding agent.  Salt crystals are more cubical and will bond together to create a softer texture.  OCEAN has roughly half the hold of UP, perfect for soft beachy waves.  We call OCEAN our “primer for hair” because it evens out porosity from oily roots to dry ends, preparing hair for styling.  

BUZZ Hair and Skin Polish is a Beeswax hair and body pomade that is quite stiff at room temperature.  If you scoop out a small amount and warm it up by rubbing between your hands, BUZZ will melt, then you can apply it to hair.  BUZZ will go back to its stiffer constitution when in hair, offering support for short haircuts, barbershop styles and firm bouncy curls. 

BELIEVE Hair and Skin Balm includes a wonderful blend of Beeswax, Coconut oil, Argan Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, to provide more moisture, slip and shine and roughly half the hold of BUZZ.  BELIEVE offers double the shine of BUZZ, will calm flyaways and help support the hair after a gorgeous round brush blow-dry.    

PROTECT Hair and Skin Moisturizer is a light, non-greasy, multi-purpose formulation that conditions hair and enhances curl. It is loaded with Aloe, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil and other wonderful emollients so it offers triple the moisture of BELIEVE and will lock curls together softly with shine and elasticity.  Layer PROTECT and UP before diffusing long curls and finish with BUZZ before hair cools to add more hold and give shine.

Layer UP and BUZZ for maximum hold Spray UP on roots and fan out to ends.  Apply BUZZ and mold into desired shape.  Either air dry or diffuse until completely dry, and finish with a light application of UP for a polished look that will take you from boardroom to bedroom.

Ocean and Believe are great for softer waves or more natural curls. layer onto hair before using hot tools.  Blast dry hair upside down for volume until mostly dry and BELIEVE will seal in moisture and protect ends from heat styling as you wand in movement and texture.

I have learned so much from clients over the years as they describe their favourite WHS cocktails.  It has been so much fun and very inspiring to hear, for example, how on days off, OCEAN and a little BUZZ is softer and more natural, but for a heavy day of meetings, PROTECT then UP supplies confidence and power.  I invite you to start playing with WHS to achieve great results, without harmful chemicals and at the same time, reduce the amount of plastic on the planet.

Stay safe and healthy!


Brian Phillips, Celebrity Stylist

Founder, World Hair and Skin & worldSALON


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