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Nourishing, versatile, transformative.

Ingenious formulations that revitalize damaged hair, maintain colour vibrancy and convert frizz into curls and provide natural hold without harsh chemicals. Two weeks to the hair you crave, try WORLD products, you’ll never turn back.

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Even though the World Hair and Skin line was developed by a hairstylist and tested and perfected in a salon, most of these wonderful products can be used interchangeably on both hair and skin, which saves you money and reduces clutter and waste. My name is Brian Phillips, founder of WORLD Hair and Skin, and the salon in question, worldSALON in Toronto, has received many accolades for our environmental focus and great hair.  

For those of you who can’t wrap your heads around using your shampoo to cleanse your body, or your hair moisturizer/curl activator to moisturize your skin, relax! Just use these terrific products on your hair! After 21 years as the Flagship Brand at worldSALON, we know that these products will perform spectacularly on your hair. With top quality plant-based ingredients and no toxic fragrance, colour or silicone, your scalp will feel really clean but not stripped and your hair shiny, bouncy, and full.  

But truth be told, it is our clients that told us “I used PROTECT to take my makeup off and I haven’t bought makeup remover since”, and “BELIEVE tames my frizzy hair like nothing else, but did you know it is the best thing ever for mosquito bites or sunburn?” Our clients are the ones that helped us to realize the WORLD brand as it is today - a terrific hair line that more salons, retailers and bulk refillers are embracing for either just hair or for hair - skin and beyond.

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