How to Layer Clean Beauty Products

How to Layer Clean Beauty Products


One of the most epic parts of working with a clean product line like WORLD Hair and Skin (WHS) ( is that no matter where these gorgeous, luxurious products end up on your being, you know that they will be good for you.  

No toxins

With many of the toxic hair products on the market, one feels compelled to wash hands after applying to hair.  With WHS products, any excess that you have applied to your hair can be smoothed onto arms, legs or wherever, to spread that goodness.  One can discover new textures, effects and feelings by layering and combining these fun, easy to use products into hair, but they are also amazing on skin. 


Jump into the shower, use CLEAN Hair and Skin Cleanser to shampoo your hair, then dab on a bit to wash your face and your body and you're done!  Yes, the same concept applies to our other multi-purpose products like PROTECT Hair and Skin Moisturizer!  Lightly moisturize and detangle your hair and leave some in to protect from heat styling or give your curls shine and hydration before heat styling.  Whatever is left over can be applied to legs or underarms for a smooth shave or to get rid of the boys’ five o’clock shadow!   

Layering from the experts

After a team meeting at our flagship store (worldSALON) in downtown Toronto, fleshing out the layering of WHS products was the order of the day, and we all decided to share our favourite “cocktails” or “formulas” in video format.  My secret weapon is using the combination of OCEAN Texturizing Salt Spray and BELIEVE Hair and Skin Balm.  Many texturizing salt sprays on the market are extremely drying.  OCEAN on the other hand uses Dead Sea Salt, Hydrosols of Lavender and Rosemary and therapeutic grade essential oils that smell incredible - no synthetic fragrance!  What you will love is the lift and support you get at the roots with moisture at the ends,  we call this grip “velvet hold.” 

The look

Your beachy waves will be moist and shiny, not dry and brittle.  If you tend to have an oily scalp, the Dead Sea Salt in OCEAN will balance out the excess sebum, while marine minerals and botanicals will nourish and fortify your scalp and hair.     

Tips and tricks

Dry set with OCEAN or use before blow-drying and finish with BELIEVE.  The amalgamation of Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Blue Tansy and Benzoin essential oils deliver chunkiness and separation to hair depending on how much you use.  BELIEVE perfects the finish, removing static, calming frizz, and adding shine.  Oh, and by the way men, as an after-shave balm or beard moisturizer, there is nothing better!!!

Stripped down luxury

Our mission with the WORLD Hair and Skin line is to provide wonderful products that are not only wholesome and healthy, but fun!  Simplify your busy life, clean out your bathroom, choose healthy!  Experiment with WORLD Hair and Skin products, layer them, live with them, love them!


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