Split Ends

Split Ends


We have all seen these men and women - in the mall, on the subway, walking on the street in front of us.  They have long hair and are probably desperate to grow it longer.  Their nests are dry and broken, with no flow, almost like cobwebs from mid shaft to ends.  Catching the light, they have a halo of frizz that seems other-worldly.  The main problem is that they have an aversion to scissors.  Their motto is “If you want your hair to grow, don’t cut it.”    

Simple truth is, if your hair splits, and there are a million things that can split your hair, you have to snip that split end off or it will travel up the hair shaft, like a wishbone, until you have half the density of hair you should have.  All the moisturizing products in the world will never return that hair to its virgin health, it will always be weak and prone to break again.  The best strategy is to take care of your hair from the time it pops out of your head so that it will grow healthy, strong and luxurious. 

So, what breaks your hair you ask?  Here are my top three things to avoid if you want healthy, full hair.

  1. Be smart about using hot tools.  Over the years, I have seen many gorgeous heads of hair demoed by flat irons and other heat styling implements.  We all have things we don’t like about our hair, or ideals that perhaps are a stretch.  If you fall into a look that requires constant manipulation with heat, then you have to be religious about putting the moisture back into your hair.  Protein masks with hydrolyzed proteins are essential, and proper maintenance with your stylist is non-negotiable.  Hair treatments with olive oil, avocado and egg whites are not going to cut it, because these raw emollients just sit on the hair, the molecules are too large to penetrate the cuticle layer to really benefit.  Better to eat them, which leads me to …
  1. Bad diet - eat and drink for healthy hair.  Drink lots of water to hydrate your body.  We are what we eat and so is our hair.  Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, vitamins A, E, C, D and B and also biotin are some of the building blocks that will make hair and skin beautiful, so eat lots of spinach, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, fruit, fibre and eggs, and if you are vegan, beans.  Avoid fast foods, excessive sugar and alcohol, but do have some fun.  Moderation, like mum said, is the key.
  1. Using crappy products.  Even if you spend thousands of dollars per year on your hair products, they can be manufactured with cheap, mass produced toxic ingredients that build up on the scalp and hair over time.  If your scalp is dry, itchy and broken, the hair coming out of it will be the same, so search out healthier brands that are actually cleaning and nourishing your scalp and hair - like world.ca .

But, my number one tip to keep your hair in shape and split ends at bay is to book regular appointments at the salon to get your hair trimmed.  I recommend every six weeks to keep the regular wear and tear at bay.  Rolling around on your pillow at night breaks your hair, the wind blowing you around will break your hair, excessive sun exposure and brushing will break your hair.  The deck is stacked against you, so If you want to ensure your locks will grow healthy, beautiful and full, then trust in the scissors.    

WORLD Repair Deep Conditioner for Hair is a rich moisturizing mask that you can use once a week with heat or can be used daily depending on your hair type.  With a powerful blend of hydrolyzed keratin protein, plant peptides and luxurious plant oils, your hair will be strengthened from the outside in.  REPAIR works especially well on colour treated and heat stressed hair and the gentle vegan formula is safe for all ages.

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