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Q: Is the CLEAN safe for anyone to use?
A: YES, CLEAN is a gentle and effective product that can be used by any age including new borns, gender, ethnicity and hair or skin type.

Q: Is the WORLD CLEAN safe to use on the face?
A: YES, the CLEAN is one of our multi-use products that can be used as a cleanser for the body or a shampoo for the hair. Did you know that CLEAN is also fantastic for shaving and can be used to wash make up brushes?

Q: What are some of the active ingredients in the CLEAN?
A: CLEAN contains vitamins A through E, cucumber extract, ivy root, burdock extract and calendula, all ingredients that help to leave the hair and skin feeling soft and subtle.

Q: Can a scent be added to the WORLD CLEAN?
A: YES, customize the scent by choosing from one of our essential oils BLENDS.

Q: Is the CLEAN safe for colour treated hair?
A: YES, comprehensive tests were performed on colour treated hair. CLEAN performed the same or better than our leading competitors. In most cases, the colour in hair lasted longer when using CLEAN as an after-care shampoo (learn more).