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Within the   of our beautiful logo is a representation of the Don River Watershed, a little river that runs just east of downtown Toronto, from the Oak Ridges Moraine aquifer into Lake Ontario. The veins within of the superimposed image is a close-up of a leaf.

Community groups and governments have come together to clean up the Don River and much of the water around Toronto. Water on our planet is a most valued resource that nourishes not only trees, which provide oxygen, but all plant life, including all that we eat. Water on earth is a closed loop system, and we must stop treating it as a garbage dump. Our natural world must be respected.

As our brand grows, we see the in WORLD represented in cities across the planet - the High Line in NYC or the Thames in London, which are both examples of communities coming together to clean up and enhance the urban experience.

We are looking forward to working together through our Ambassador Program, to create a safer, cleaner and healthier WORLD for everyone.

The program will be coming soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter or check in regularly to view OUR progress.

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